Saturday, 18 June 2011

Special Edition 'Wizkids Superstar launch" Pt. 1

Skales EME Boy.

Skales and Yung6ix at Soundcheck

Wizkid "Starboi" testing his mic.

Wizkid and Olamide.

Wizkid and Sammy Lowkey.

Wizkid flashes his superstar smile.

Prepping for the Performance.

Sammy Lowkey.... yes thats Lynxxx goofing around in the

Basketmouth and BankyW.

Skales and Utchay


Sammy Lowkey and Skales.

W I Z K I D.


Osagie and BankyW

Starboi and BankyW at Soundcheck.
BankyW giving Wizkid some tips before the show.

Sammy Lowkey and Utchay.



Sammy, why so serious?

Captivated audience.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Booze and Boobs

I dunno how y'all spend ur spare time but i experimented a lil in April. I had never been in a strip bar before the 16th of April. Now, i can tell u for a fact that its a place of controlled fun. My cousins Lion, Chuks and i were wondering where we would spend Easter Monday night. If u live in Lagos and u party, you'll know that no public holiday is wasted out here. My job doesn't allow me spend as much time as i would like to with my family members. However, the little time i get, i make the best out of it. After much deliberations, we decided we were gonna hit one of the clubs on the mainland for fear of being the designated driver if we chose to drive all the way to the island. Lagosians would agree that the islanders have the most fun when it comes to clubs and hot-spots. Not that the spots on the mainland aren't great, the island has got better ones. Back to my story; we hit a couple of spots but they were all packed full and too loud for our choice of outing that night. After a few drinks in the VIP section of the second club, we unanimously agreed we needed a more quiet environment with girls and most importantly, Alcohol. Luckily for us, the guy sitting at the far end of the bar had been to this Bar at opebi. We agreed to check it out. Finished our drinks and headed out to the said address which had blue lights at the entrance and bigger bouncers than all the clubs we had visited that night combined. We were asked to pick up a ticket which cost more than a couple of shots before we could gain access into the bar. We were reluctant at first, but we did as we were told. On entering the bar, we were welcomed by loud moaning sounds and possibly the biggest screen i have ever seen any pornographic material on.... *Yes i seldom watch porn.... Moving on, we walked in, surprised as hell to see what was going on at the centre of the room. A big silver pole with a half naked girl hanging from the top was doing a dance routine. After making our way to the bar, we got drinks and tried to figure out where the best angle would be. We eventually found a good spot on the shadows, away from all the lights. There were girls everywhere, boobs and ass in excess and unaccompanied...hehehehe. Our hosts were so nice cos the mment we got seats, they took turns to introduce themselves and recite the menu to us. A private dance cost a thousand bucks and for an additional fee, she would show u her hidden tattoos...*wink.... Being the adventurous person i am, i agreed to try out the private dance with this particular girl who had an Ass like that of the Namibian girl in BBAmplified i don't remember her name.
Without wasting anymore time, she pulled me by the hand and led me to the back room away from all the lights and people watching the strip teaser. She told me her name was Rose and she smelled almost as good as the flower. Rose picked the seat in the far corner and asked me to get comfortable. The routine started slow and she worked my thighs in a slow circular motion until she could feel my lil man poke her cheeks. At this time, my cousin Lion was having a crazy time with one of the girls in the other corner. Chuks was still at the bar trynna figure out if would have a dance or not. Rose was grinding on me so hard, at some point i was calculating to know how much money i had i my pockets. She arched her back and reached for my earlobes using her teeth to nibble on em. This action blew my mind and she reached for my hands guiding em to her not so big but full breasts as she squeezed hard on her breasts with my hands. The grinding action picked up tempo after the first ten minutes with more energy and intention. And at intervals, she would ask me if i liked what she was doing as she moaned into my ears. My dick was so hard it started to hurt as she rubbed her big butt cheeks on it. It got to a point when i asked her if we could take a little break cos i was about to spill all over my great new Levis denims. At the end of the night, Lion and i left the Unique gentlemens club humbled and possible lighter than we were when we walked in. Chuks kept asking how it was on the ride home cos all he did at the strip bar was drink and watch the dancers...hehehehe *Loser :p... hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Home Alone.

I'd like to apologize for my absence people. I've been busy with work and at the same time gathering materials for my blog.... I met this very lovely lady at the movies a few months back. I was at the theatre to see the Town and right beside me sat this girl who i made out to be beautiful cos all i had to work with was the reflection off the big screen. I couldn't help but notice her cos she was having a great time. Screaming with excitement at the screen whenever the action scenes came up. Before long, we were talking and screaming together. She told me her name is Anne. When the movie was over, we exchanged numbers eventually exchanged pins and started talking on the fone. My job doesnt gimme a lotta time to hang with friends so it took a while before we got back together. When i got the chance, my house was empty because everybody had travelled abroad for an event. I invited my newest friend Anne over for some more movies and possibly a great time...hehehehehe. She came over at about 9pm and she was ready for a good time cos not only was she dressed to kill, she was ready for an all night encouter. We started slow with drinks, a movie and a conversation. By the time we had gotten deep in the conversation, i did the noble thing which was to lean over and plant a good long kiss on her luscious lips. That action killed the conversation for a minute and then when she got her senses back, i planted another wet one on her. Before long, we were down to our bare necessities *Underwears..... This started off in the living room area and gradually proceeded to the room upstairs. Because neither of us could remember what we were talking about before the kiss, we didn't bother ourselves with it. I guided her up the stairs and into my already made room with the air conditioning set at the lowest possible temperature for effects. As soon as we were settled in the room, i slowly took off whatever clothing was left on her and laid her on my bed. I started to kiss her on the lips and made my way down her beautiful naked body. By the time i got to her belly button, she was already arching her back and pulling on my ears. I worked my way lower using only my tongue and now i could hear little pants and whimpers, broken moans and i could literally feel her toes curl into a fist. Her fingers slowly searched through my hair to get a grip as she grinded against my tongue, feeling her clit quiver and throb as i pull back to get some air, i could feel her breathing hard as i grabbed on one of her full breasts. She begins to pull on the back of my neck and lets go as she collapses in exhaustion. She tries again, this time harder as she moans deeply. I slowly pull up letting her upward pull guide me all the way up till she can taste herself on my lips. That passionate kiss before i slid into her warm now very moist pussy, she lets out a very deep sigh as grabs on my firm cheeks, taking me wholly into her. As i thrust myself into her continuously, she called out my name and pulled me deeper and commanded i do it faster. After thirty minutes of thrusting, *yes THIRTY minutes* we both jerked to a halt with sooo much satisfaction and a very deep sigh....... We both took a ten minutes break and were at it again. Two hours later, we were both lying on our backs and half asleep from exhaustion... most memorable orgasmic experience this year....... YET.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Spicy Sallah Meat 2

*** We didn’t have any worries when we were together, and when there was unlimited alcohol, we were at our We all had a good time. Bunmi, Ajibolas younger sister had invited her female friends, Ajibola didn’t need to invite anybody. All roads led to his house on this special day. Before long, his house was filled up with youn
g people drinking, eating and flirting all over the place. His parents were the coolest cos they never interrupted our fun, they let us be ourselves and they stayed out of our way. Just before the day was over, after a lot of alcohol had been consumed, Belema of course had a lot to drink… *along with every other person who could work a glass of alcohol at Ajibolas residence. She suddenly remembered that she had “unfinished business” with me and came over to remind me about her offer to “fuck me.” Now, I had no inhibitions at all. All I wanted to do, was make happier than she already was. I consulted Ajibola “our Host” and asked his opinion on the situation and *as always, he had a phrase of wisdom for me* “take care of your business” he replied. Bunmis room was across the hall from Ajibolas room where we were all gathered and that seemed like my best option. Did I mention that Bunmis room is right in front of her parents’ room? Meaning that they were right outside her room. A few feet away from my soon-to-be “playground”. At that time, all that didn’t matter to either of us. I pulled her away and we slipped into Bunmis room as the others went on with their celebrations, I pulled out my drilling gear, put a safety cap on and was ready for work. At this time, I could hear Bunmis mom walk t past her room taking orders for her guests, but I couldn’t be discouraged. I quickly asked Belema to take off her pants *only her pants* we didn’t have any time. Plus we had to be precise…lol. She did as she was told. The fact that there were so many people outside the room gave me a rush that every touch felt ten times better. I guess she felt the same cos she couldn’t control her moaning. I had to put my hand over her mouth as I plunged in from behind. She bit me a couple times but I couldn’t take my hand off. I’d rather nurse my wounds later than get caught in the act I thought to myself. As we made MAGIC passionately and quickly, I heard someone call out Belemas name, she was grabbing on my butt gesturing for me to go deeper and at the same time screaming into my hand which was still over her mouth preventing her from screaming out loud, this position prevented me from pulling out. The call for Belema, and the position I was in, acted as a catalyst, making me cum so hard it burnt with pleasure. Belema was no longer screaming into my hand so I took it off. Slowly, she let go of her grip on me and collapsed on the bed in front of her face first, letting out a deep sigh of satisfaction. I quickly pulled my denims up, took off my safety cap and dashed straight for the bathroom to clean myself up. The moment I stepped outta the room, Bunmis dad walked by asking me if I had seen Bunmi. Standing ther in shock and feeling very guilty, I let out very very DEEP SIGH, answered NO and made my way into the bathroom. *What a close one I thought to myself. That experience till date is the most dangerous Sex I’ve ever had.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Experience Calabar

I've never  been to cross rivers state, but i can tell u for a fact that girls from that state have a reputation that preceeds them especially Calabar girls. Every naija boy reading this has to agree with me. Well my story is about MY own experience. I met this very beautiful girl in my second year of Uni....yes all my stories are from my university days.. talk ur Anyways, she was one of the big girls on campus. That was a big  turn-on for me. I like sophisticated girls. I met her under weird circumstances. It was my friend Babangidas birthday and being kids that we were back then,we celebrated it the best way we could: by pouring drinks on the celebrant, beating him up, even pouring disgusting looking stuff like yoghurton him... yh we were kids. don't While all this was going on, she waswatching in disgust. At a point, she decided it was too much for her to take and she spoke up "Don't u guys think u can use all that money u're wasting to helpsomebody in need"? she protested. Me being the arrogant egomaniac i was replied "Honey if u need anything, just ask the lady in charge to put iton my bill". Upset by my reply, she stormed out of the school plaza where all our shinanigans took place. That was our first official encounter. She probably doesn't even remember that incident. I met her again a few weeks later and asked her what her name is, Mfon she replied reluctantly. I introduced myself and was met with "I know who U areAnuel". Feeling good about that, i proceeded without any delay to make my proposal. She seemed uninterested at the time but told me she would be my friend instead. I agreed knowing i could always break her eventually. After a few dates, visiting her when we were away from school, calling, and even texting she decided she didn't like me enuf to go out with me. Not letting her decision get to me i persisted. Three years later, we're at an awards ceremony in school and i walked over to her, kissed her on the cheek and asked her friends  to move so i could sit next to her. "Anuel U know u're a very confident guy right"? she said U're t"he only person that can do this kind of thing and get away with  it"i finally got her friends to move and i took the seat right next to her. We talked about everything, howlong it had been since we last saw each other, how she was nominated for an award, how she just broke up with her boyfriend and a whole lot. Alli wanted at that moment, was to grab her by the neck and kiss her; i didn't i just sat there and watched her talk. I let herknow that my offer was still on the table whenever she was ready. Somehow, this line broke her down cos shestarted asking me why i liked her so much i was waiting this long, why why why... alli told her was; because i like u too much. Mfon seemed like she knew what she was doing sexually. Shes hot, beautiful and most importantly,a Calabar girl.I could already imagine all the nasty things she'd do to me. At the end of the night,Mfon won the award in the category of biggest girl. I figured we had to celebrate so i offered victory sex. She immediately turned me down even yelling atme for considering it. I didn't apologize, i justtold her to consider it and gimme a call before ileft for my apartment. Thirty minutes or so later, my fone rang and she was on the other end. "Ok Anuel i've considered uroffer, and idon't wanna be alone tonight" atthe sound of this, i put my pants  on and headed over to her apartment. In less than twenty minuutes, i was there a six pack in hand and ready for a fun night. I knocked, she opened. Walked in thinking she'd be naked and ready, but she had her pjs on. We kissed and she she walked me into her room. When i figured she was gonna start talking again, i  started to take off my clothes and by the time she saw what i was working with, the words ceased and we were making out again. In no time, we were both naked. She was unusually timid for a calabar  girl but i thot she'd pick up pace as we went along. She moaned so loud and almost cried when i slid into her.Again,i made up an excuse; maybe its been too long since she had some. I grabbed on her full breasts which at this time seemed to be reacting to the slightest touch.She jerked at every tug i gave her nipples and bythe time i turned her over, she had tears in her eyes. In a confused state, i didn'tknow  if i should stop or continue. She  sat there still shaking and silently crying as i watched in amazement thinking to myself; is this how all calabar girls are? Choi.. what did i get myself into? Eventually, she stopped, wiped her eyes and apologized for her actions. At this time i was so weirded out i didnt know how to react. Bottomline, my first calabar experience has been my worst yet. I'm hoping she'll reestablish that confidence the next time we meet. Which should be as soon as she reads this blog...hehehehe

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Spicy Sallah Meat

Sallah break was a big deal for us back in the university cos it was the weekend we all got to converge at Ajibolas house. There was always food, drinks, and girls in large numbers….. Ajibola and I are pretty close. Close enough for me to spend short breaks at his family house. One of those short holidays is this epic Sallah break I spent over at his house. Before I go any further, lemme introduce y’all to Belema. Shes a big “Port Harcourt Girl” at least that’s what Ajibola told me before I met her. He said her father is a wealthy southerner… *whatever, we’re not here to talk about her father tho. We’re here to talk about her insatiable appetite for sex. Ajibola told me he met her in School I guess they took the same classes or something. Long story short, they met each other, she was blunt enuf to walk up to him and tell him she wanted to “Fuck his brains out” As a badt sharp guy that my friend was *Still is*, he took her on her offer and they got acquainted. This agreement lasted for quite a while…. At some point I was too curious I didn’t believe there was such a girl that could plainly walk up to a guy, demand sex and not want anything MORE. She was a great mystery to me. So one day I was at Ajibolas School and I pleaded with him to introduce me to the “Mystery Chick” he agreed and took me over to her place. Right from the entrance of her house, I had confirmed a few things… I dunno any other person *A student* who used a MIKANO generator while in school. * In Nigeria, it’s kind of a big deal. Well she had one, which she used to power her electronics…  Ac, flat screen tv, and all those things that blew my mind that day.  At this point, I figured the rest of the story had to be true. I mean Ajibola told me she’s a big girl; I’ve confirmed that I had to find out for myself if the rest was true. I got in and was introduced to this girl that I could instantly tell was older than me. She had this playful thing about her. She looked like a regular girl if she was taken away from her apartment; there was nothing peculiar about her. After the introduction, we parted ways. The next time I met her, it was Ajibolas family residence. Apparently, his younger sister Bunmi is best friends with Belema so she spent a lot of her holidays there as well. At this time, we had become better friends. Close enough for her to suggest that we “fuck”… I wasn’t surprised when she made the suggestion because Ajibola had told me everything about her. I diplomatically declined at the time cos it seemed inappropriate to be screwing my friends “….” Frankly, I dunno what to name their relationship. Anyways, I told Ajibola about our little discussion and his reply was “So wetin U dey wait for”? In order not to seem desperate, I totally ignored the whole incident, and went on with my life. We exchanged numbers that weekend and were texting each other back and forth for weeks. She was explicit about what she wanted from me. I had never met any girl like this in the past so I was a bit confused as to what my reaction should be. I didn’t chase her away and I didn’t encourage her either. I just played dumb for as long as I could. The Sallah period was like our “Thanksgiving” cos we spent it together as a family at Ajibolas house. *He’s the only Muslim among us*. Because of this reason, we all looked forward to the break and the Meat we all got to eat…lol. Not remembering that Belema is as much a member of Ajibolas family as I am, I wasn’t expecting her to be there at the celebrations. To my greatest surprise, I got there with my back pack, ready for a long and fun-filled weekend with my boys, which normally involved lots of Beef, Booze and when we’re lucky, Boobs…hehehehe * Immediately she saw me, she ran to me and hugged me tight. Ajibola passed and whispered “Don’t dull this time oh” This statement immediately got me doing some serious mathematics… choi. Which hotel around here can I take her to now, how much will it cost me, how much money do I even have….. All this was running through my head and I got worried. Ajibola solved that problem when he opened a bottle of Red label. By the time Teju, Chichi, Babangida and Luke got to the house Ajibola and I had knocked out like half the bottle of Red label. We were all together again. It was always a magical feeling.**To be Continued... 

Monday, 4 April 2011

Last Flight to Lagos

After 4 hours of waiting at at the airport for a 2 o'clock flight, we finally boarded at 6 and at this time,  i was exhausted from all the productive time wasted at the waiting lounge looking for an outlet to plug in my blackberry and doing  absolutely nothing. Finally i'm heading home after a long week of touring the country on a campaign to get young Nigerians out in mass to vote in the upcoming elections.This campaign involved musical performances by my boss and other naija big names and was held in three states Lagos, Makurdi and Port Harcourt where the Finale was held. Travelling around these states and prepping for the shows had taken a toll on me. All i wanted to do at this time was get on my bed and sleep. Immediately i boarded, i took the first available isle seat "after the curtain" yes i fly economy *bite As soon as i took my seat, this girl that looked like she was 6'8" walked in and took the seat right across from me. She had this sophisticated look about her; her hair i'm guessing is "Brazilian" cos it looked really long and wavy. her elbow was holding up an LV bag from which i could see an iPad sticking out. I took a good long look at her and damn she was  fine. She had a pointed nose, beautiful face and the build of a run-way model who was at her peak. This girl still nameless at the time became a project. Suddenly, i wasn't tired anymore and i couldn't remember what i was thinking about before she boarded the plane. Now, all i could think about was her. She brought out her iPad and was having so much fun by herself almost as if she knew she was too awesome to care about anything else in the world. She had the smile that made me wonder every time if her reading lights were on cos it lit up the isle.She lifted her head, looked in my direction and smiled almost like she just read my mind and is accepting my compliment. I tried so hard not to stare or to be caught The first didn't work so tried not to get caught. She had this tiny mole on the right side of her face which looked like a beauty mark her skin was flawless cos when the lights hit her skin it was almost like she glowed. For the first thirty minutes of the flight to Lagos, it was just *nameless hot girl and I on the flight cos i was so engrossed in her i couldn't see anybody else. Gosh shes so beautiful i kept thinking to myself.. When the air hostess whispered to her, she put her iPad away, and decided to take a nap and she looked even more beautiful with her eyes closed.  She looked so happy as she sat there with a smile on her face. There i sat tired as hell and watching this beautiful girl sleep. I didn't care cos i derived a lot of pleasure from just looking at her. At this moment, i told myself i wouldn't leave this aircraft without at least getting her name.I didn't remember anything else from the flight but as soon as the pilot announced our arrival at Murtala Mohammed airport, i got outta my seat belt, outta my seat and introduced myself. "Hi i'm Anuel, whats urs"? Hitting me point-blank, close-range with her beautiful smile my heart melted as she said softly "I'm Lauren". "U're freakishly Tall Lauren" were the only words i could mumble as i stared in awe. Lauren turned around to get her luggage from the over head locker so i got a full length view of her back which was as beautiful as the front. This girl is a complete package i said to myself. Before i got outta the plane, she was already on the shuttle bus which was gonna take us to arrivals. I kept praying as the bus pulled away from me that she had luggage she was waiting for or else, i might never see her again. The second bus pulled up immediately hers pulled away and i jumped on it without hesitation. We got to arrivals and all i wanted to see was her beautiful face waiting for her luggage. As i frantically searched around arrivals like a mother looking her her strayed child, our eyes met and she flashed me once again with her beautiful broad smile revealing her whitened teeth and awesome one sided dimple. My heart skipped a beat and i let out a very deep sigh. I summoned all the courage i had left in me and walked up to her looking up to her now, i asked "errrmmm Lauren, can i call U some time"? She looked down at me from her towering height and replied "I dunno, I'm always very busy" not ready to take NO for an answer, i pressured "U gotta be free, even if its for just one day. I have to see U again" i persuaded. She reluctantly reached out for my cell fone and i hurriedly gave it to her and watched her as she typed in her numbers on my fone. When she was done, she returned the fone and smiled again. For the first time throughout "our trip", i got to see her eyes. Damn!!!! Her eyes were like a brown ocean i was ready to drown in. They were so relaxed all i wanted to do was look in them all evening. Her brown eyes were hypnotizing cos she had to snap me outta my trance before i looked away. I Spent the next ten minutes in "lala land" cos her beauty had sent me into a state of limbo that i didn't even notice her leave. When i realized she was gone, i panicked cos i had not confirmed if the fone number she left was legit so quickly dialed the numbers she had punched into my cell and her calm voice was at the other end of the line. Letting out another deep sigh, i introduced myself and asked her to please save mine..... I called her that night before bed just to let her know she's all i could think of. Two days later and i just got outta the movies. I took her to go see "Love and Other Drugs" I'm still very crazy about her. I Hope things work out....hehehe **** To be Continued....

Meet the Popaholics

My  Uni years are by far the most fun years of my life. I spent Six years trynna get a degree from the most annoying university in the world. If u know where I graduated from, that’s the school I’m talking about. I met 6 of the most amazing guys who have become my “bestest” friends in the world even closer to me than some of my family members. In this collection of guys there was a lot of diversity and ethnicity we had the Yoruba boys, igbo, warri, Kaduna and our very own Hong boy…lol…. Anybody that knows anything about anything knows that when u put this many people from different backgrounds together in one environment for as long as we stayed, we were gonna influence each others lives differently. Getting back to why we’re here, we all liked different types of gurls and we liked em at different levels… Contrary to public belief I’m the least active in scoring conquests. I’ve got 2 friends who are so good at keeping themselves under the radar that one of em was labeled “coded tunes” he was so smooth that sometimes we didn’t find out about his conquests till months later. The other one is the definition of “Badt gang” all by himself. Lemme name them so we can continue without any confusion.  Babangida also known as “Hong Boy” is the eldest among all 6 of us but it didn’t matter cos we were all on the same level as friends are concerned. Teju is the darkest and used to be the shortest…lol hes all grown up now tho so I can’t use that one Luke my main man is the familys defender cos all those muscles he packed on were used to protect us all over the years.. This boy like fight like say dem dey pay person to do Chichi is the baddest among all six sha AKA “coded tunes” this guy no dey talk but the girls dey confess say e get flows. I’ve always wondered when, where and what time he even talks to them cos we spend the most time together drinking or just chilling. Hmmmmm the next person I’m about to introduce to y’all is by far the smoothest playa I know alive he’s name is Ajibola. Not forgetting urs truly the 6th and definitely not the last member of the familyAnuel. The reason why I’ve introduced y’all to these wonderful men is that in consequent blogs, I shall be making reference to one or more of them. Luke might be seen as the most uninteresting in the context of these blogs because he’s the calmest among all six since he has been dating the same girl for the past 6 years *faithfully. ***** To be Continued....

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Unlocked Pleasures

Rabi, my beautiful Hausa friend who i had a massive crush on was just about to graduate from Uni. I met her almost a year ago from a very close friend of mine , i was in my second year of uni so i didnt think i'd ever be lucky. We were "just friends" at the beginning. one day, she asked me to please buy her some ice cream which at the time was very affordable. she shared her ice cream with me that night as well a very passionate kiss which kicked off a new era in our "friendship". after a couple days, we acted like nothing had happened. Even though we tried to act normal around other friends, it was very awkward when it was just us. One evening, i decided to take the situation into my hands, i went over to her house and immediately she opened the door to let me in, i grabbed her by the waist, pulled her close, without any further hesitation, i kissed her long and hard until she started feeling on my neck and gradually descended to grabbing my hard butt cheeks. I slowly unwrapped the scarf covering her head, revealing the tank top she wore underneath. at this moment i could tell she wasn't wearing a bra revealing her rounded double Ds as i pulled em up. All this while, lips still locked, no words had been exchanged, and the door was yet to be locked. We were entirely into each other, ripping clothings off of each other, moving as fast as possible to get into the "Native" state. Before long, we're both naked on the floor *door still unlocked. I'm now nibbling on her beautifully erect nipples which caused her to moan out loud. I put my left hand over her mouth and my right had was busy kneading on her left boobs while her right nipple was comfortably in my mouth. I knew she was enjoying herself cos her body jerked every time i squeezed on her big left boob. i quickly tore open my protection and was ready to drill. At that moment she started grabbing on me impatiently waiting for what was coming. I realized she couldn't wait so i decided to tease a lil longer by stabbing and i slowly slid into her awesomely warm and slippery south hole... mmmmm... The grinding that followed lasted for another 30minutes which brought a lot of pleasure to my partner and i.. just as i was about to explode, her neighbor walks in and screams "KEI!! MAI WANAN"!!!!!! outta shock, we both scrambled to our feet, covering body parts and embarrassed to death. She almost  immediately storms outta the room and we're left alone again. Now laughing at ourselves, i realize i just came the hardest i had ever cum in my life Rabi hugs me and whispers "Anuel, u:re the best. I tried to quickly clean up and scrambled outta her

Best Bachelorette Eve

Rabi graduated a few months after we officially started creeping around. All this while she had a boyfriend/ fiancĂ©e so we had to keep our "relations" under we managed to pull it off for the first 2 months but before long, her friends found out and she convinced em to keep it to themselves. They didnt cos every time they see me, they'd have this weird expression on their faces. The kind guys have on their faces when they see a girl thats dressed in a very skimpy outfit *Lustful expression. I ignored their glances cos they're not worth my time or me losing my darling Rabi. I'd go over there on the weekends, chill for hours sometimes we'd just makeout and i'll leave. In my head, we had a very "non-dramatic", functional relationship that worked perfectly for both of us. I got sexually contentedcos she was amazing in bed, and she got blown away everytime i came...hehehe... At the end of the semester, i had to go home for a few months on holiday. A few weeks to the end of my long and fun filled holiday, i got a text message from my darling Rabi saying she was getting married in 2 weeks. i was in so much shock i called her immediately i read the message. Thinking it was all a joke or a ploy to get me back to her bed earlier than planned, i decided i was gonna call her bluff so i told her to go ahead and marry that faceless husband of hers. To my surprise and more shockingly, she wasn't joking at all. she asked me how soon i could leave Lagos and come back before shes married and i told her 2 weeks at least leaving only 3days for us to spend before shes married off forever. I managed to get my shit together in the promised time and ran all the way half across the country in order to meet up with my tryst...*smh at myself right now on the thot of that... oh well it was worth it at the time... I got there on a saturday and the marriage rights were to begin on tuesday. I called her the moment i stepped into town also reminding her that we had less than 3 days before she would nolonger be able to mess around with me. She told me she would join me in a few hours cos she had to run some errands *wedding i got to my apartment and there was no one in the compound since school had not fully resumed. It took her 4 hours to get to my place but i couldn't be mad at her. I welcomed her with a hug and offered her a drink. She declined the offer and said to me "listen Anuel theres no time and u're wasting time with all these formalities"... At this point i realized shes not here to talk, lets get down with the get U know, we started making out but after a few minutes i had to stop her and ask what the rush was all about, and why she had to get married so soon. Again, she replied "no time Anuel" because i had so many unanswered questions, my mind kept drifting away from the one thing i liked to do the most : make MAGIC with at this time, my zipper was undone and anuel jr was flaccid. She took it the way any woman out there would take it :as an insult. My excuse was "Im tired honey" it was a long journey anyways so she got over her anger and disappointment and agreed to talk. We ended up talking all night and first thing in the morning she was off to her family house. Sunday evening came very slowly cos i was home alone watching Tv and eating junk. she couldnt come through the whole day cos she had to make her hair. It was totally understandable since she was getting married in 2 days. Monday morning her call woke me up her ever so tender voice on the other end of the line apologizing for not showing up the previous day. I told her it was ok and that i'm not upset. To make it up to me, she asked what i wanted for lunch "name anything anuel" she said. I opted for some pounded yam knowing i'll need all my energy for that night...lmao. she came through at about 3 o'clock ish... wearing a black robe.. *jalabya hope i spelt it right... oh well.. She came through my walk way carrying a cooler and the moment she shut the door behind her, the robe came off revealing the most beautiful body i had ever seen. it had the henna tattoos at various parts and it was hairless from face to feet. I immediately figured that the food would have to be afterwards. Without any further delay, i helped myself with my elastic banded shorts which i wore when i was home alone and needed to be comfortable. Before my boxers came off, she was so close to me, knees on the floor that her breath tickled my sensitive pubic region. She gently caressed anuel jr and in no time jr was no longer asleep. She slid jr ever so slowly into her mouth it made my body jerk outta control. This went on for another 10 minutes and she blew my mind away. She got up and pulled me by the hands into my room, pushed me onto the bed and told me "This is the best SEX u'll ever have Anuel" with a lotta expextation and excitement, all i could do was nod and she got out a bottle of lubricant and applied it all over anuel jr as he stood tall and proud... Afterwards, she climed up ontop of jr and rode me till i started making sounds i didnt even know i could producce. She rode me hard and long all the while telling me how don't have to move a muscle "Just enjoy it Anuel" she whispered in my ears. She pulled me up and put me against the wall as she oiled up her big round butt up with the lubricant. whilst bending over in front of me, i didn't need an invite to slip in as i hit it from the back....hmmmm... this shit is taking me back... *focus Anuel... ok.. this went on for close to an hour and by the time we were done, we were too tired to eat or even clean up after ourselves... We woke up some 4 hours later, i ate and she told me she'd miss me. That my friends, was the "Best Sex i had...................... That year".....lmao...