Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Beach Sounds

Happy new year fam' I've got a really good reason for being absent all these months... Gosh have i got stories to tell or what?... I definitely do. Anyways, i hope u guys have missed me  as much as i have U... I was at the beach this past weekend cos i was bored outta my mind and needed to push my reset button. I was also lucky enough to have met some friends who were celebrating one thing or the other when i got there... * Free alcohol...lol. After a few hours of partying, dancing and generally having a good time, i found out one of my celebrity friends was gonna be around so i quickly moved to the beach bar at the far end of Elegushi beach..*yea that one... Not long after i walked through the entrance, this hottie called out my name "Anuel"! I approached her and realized i had met her a few weeks before at a club appearance she was so excited to see me and it made me very happy. I was worried a few minutes before she called out cos i was hoping i'd find a way to pass time as i waited for my celeb friend. Luckily for me, there she was looking hot in her little silk dress and as she pulled me through the crowd to her table, i find out shes got an arsenal of hot friends... OMG! its gonna be a great night i said to myself. Almost immediately we get to her table she starts backing up on me and grinding to Davidos "Dami Duro" i'm like here we go.. after a few minutes of HOT and PASSIONATE grinding on the dance floor, i decided to take a break and introduce myself to her friends cos i could see em looking at me and whispering to each other. i felt it was only polite to introduce myself. I even went as far as to ask one of em to dance with me and without a seconds hesitation, she was up and ready to go.. I showed em just how bad-ass i am on the dance floor and a few minutes later, my "Celeb friend" showed up and proceeded straight to the VIP section i obviously wasn't ready to leave these gurls to themselves so i quickly went upstairs, grabbed a bottle of Moet Rose and made my way back down to the place where i was already making an impression...lol. The moment i showed up with the bottle of champagne, they seemed to get even more excited. i let one of em  do the honors of making the bottle pop and spill over.. Before long,  i was surrounded by four hot girls going crazy on the dance floor. now imagine how the guys on the next table felt dancing with themselves... i wasn't concerned about em tho..lol. I was only concerned whether my new hot friends were having a great time -they were..lol. We danced and drank straight outta the same bottle.. fuck a plastic cup..lol.
After an hour or more, i decided it was time to divide and conquer so i took a break from dancing and took a lil walk on the beach with one of the girls named Rai she told me shes of Indian decent which was quite interesting cos she looks gorgeous, long hair, ample bosoms and the most luscious lips ever.. every time she took a sip from the bottle i'd think in my head "Lucky Bastard"..lol. we chatted a lil and by the time we got back to their table, the others were gone. We later found out they joined the rest of the girls on the beach at the VIP section trynna get a glimpse at my "Celebrity friend".. she didn't seem to care about that ni99a.. Even when i asked if she'd like to go upstairs with me to his table she said she didn't care about him that she was ready to go home if I'll drop her off. Now we all know im ready to go home with a hottie... so u know the  option i chose. Fast forward ten minutes, we're both in my car and shes tipsy, i can tell this cos she kept talking about stuff that had nothing to do with anything. i didnt wanna interrupt cos i was waiting for the perfect to attack her lips as she spoke.. i zoned out several times as she spoke cos i kept imagining what they'd taste like and just when i was about to go in for the kill, her phone rang...... FUCK!!! i thought to myself. on the other end of the phone was her friend who i had initially called out to me when i walked into the beach bar and who had also introduced me to Rai, her name is Trish. apparently she was worried and wanted to know where Rai was. Rai told Trish she was already in my car and was heading home but Trish insisted we turn around and come get her... I lost that argument and my kiss to that fone call. Fifteen minutes later, im sitting in the car with Rai and Trish and we're all heading to Rais apartment to drop her off at a few minutes to 1am.. i was calculating some serious geometry in my head as to what my next move should be and then i got a break. Trish asked me if i'd drop her home aswell which was way across town in the opposite direction. I replied ofcourse and when we dropped Rai off, i finally got my goodnight kiss- her lips tasted better than i had imagined. We both got back in the car Trish and i, and i explained to her just how dangerous it'll be for both of us to be driving in Lagos at that hour and offered for her to spend the night at mine and i'll drop her off when the sun came up... She was hesitant for a while but i wasnt gonna have NO for an answer so i drove home to my apartment. By the time we got home, it was well passed 1am and she had lost the battle. I took her straight to my room and got her a fresh new t-shirt and ran her a hot bath while i got comfortable in my night clothes. She made me look the other way while she changed into my t-shirt but it was worth it cos when i turned back, she was looking amazing in MY t-shirt. she quickly snuck under my cover cloth and backed up against me on the bed... Hmmmmm.... I got a bit confused. Didn't know if i should slip her the Willie or call it a night. i took a few minutes to decide, then i slowly worked my hands on her naked thighs till i got to the tshirt and further upwards till i could feel her nipples under the tshirt.. i was kissing on her neck as i traced her entire body with my fingers and she seemed to enjoy it.. At that moment, i realized it'll be wrong not to slip her the Willie..lol. Before long, i got her to face me and leaned in for a kiss. She wasn't kissing back so i had to go all the way making the decision for both of us and kissing her till she kissed back... by the  time she started kissing back my hands were already under the tshirt and working both nipples at the same time as she forced out hot air from her nostrils against my neck and moaned like she was trynna be discreet about it...lol.
Fastforward five minutes and MY t-shirt is off, i was nibbling on one nipple as i worked the other with my finger. and she was digging into my back with her fingers like she needed to do that from falling off a ledge. i swapped my teeth with fingers as i worked on the other nipple and slowly worked my way down to her belly button all the while still working both nipples as she moaned and moved eratically about on the bed unable to contain the feeling which she was now subject to. In little or no time, her knickers were nowhere to be found- i didnt eat em tho..lol. She managed to mumble up the words "Wheres ur condom"? i was way ahead of her cos my room is booby-trapped with condoms and i alone know where they're hidden...lol. I quickly grabbed one, struggled in the dark to put it on  and by the time my safety was on, i went in for the kill *Literally. I started slow, trynna get into the rhythm, and trynna understand what she was comfortable with. By the time we established what her comfort zone was, i drilled her like i was trynna break through concrete on a deadline...lol.. She kept screaming in my ears "I'm gonna cum anuel, I'm gonna CUM"! that didn't phase me cos i kept going and in a short while she reached up to my ears again this time she begged me to pls let her use the bathroom cos she badly needed to pee...lol. Still not bothered by her requests, i kept at it. the moment i decided i was gonna take a breather and give her a chance to rest, she jumped outta bed and towards the bath room... i felt great about that reaction btw.. #JustSaying. By the time she came back, i was in idle mode so i needed to re-cap my work tool and that went on for another 30minutes till i struck oil... *winks... She fell asleep before i got up to take my condoms off.. by the time i got back in bed, she was long gone so i just pulled up behind her and spooned her till the morning light.... *yes i spoon. Body heat does good for ur body...lol.