Saturday, 18 June 2011

Special Edition 'Wizkids Superstar launch" Pt. 1

Skales EME Boy.

Skales and Yung6ix at Soundcheck

Wizkid "Starboi" testing his mic.

Wizkid and Olamide.

Wizkid and Sammy Lowkey.

Wizkid flashes his superstar smile.

Prepping for the Performance.

Sammy Lowkey.... yes thats Lynxxx goofing around in the

Basketmouth and BankyW.

Skales and Utchay


Sammy Lowkey and Skales.

W I Z K I D.


Osagie and BankyW

Starboi and BankyW at Soundcheck.
BankyW giving Wizkid some tips before the show.

Sammy Lowkey and Utchay.



Sammy, why so serious?

Captivated audience.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Booze and Boobs

I dunno how y'all spend ur spare time but i experimented a lil in April. I had never been in a strip bar before the 16th of April. Now, i can tell u for a fact that its a place of controlled fun. My cousins Lion, Chuks and i were wondering where we would spend Easter Monday night. If u live in Lagos and u party, you'll know that no public holiday is wasted out here. My job doesn't allow me spend as much time as i would like to with my family members. However, the little time i get, i make the best out of it. After much deliberations, we decided we were gonna hit one of the clubs on the mainland for fear of being the designated driver if we chose to drive all the way to the island. Lagosians would agree that the islanders have the most fun when it comes to clubs and hot-spots. Not that the spots on the mainland aren't great, the island has got better ones. Back to my story; we hit a couple of spots but they were all packed full and too loud for our choice of outing that night. After a few drinks in the VIP section of the second club, we unanimously agreed we needed a more quiet environment with girls and most importantly, Alcohol. Luckily for us, the guy sitting at the far end of the bar had been to this Bar at opebi. We agreed to check it out. Finished our drinks and headed out to the said address which had blue lights at the entrance and bigger bouncers than all the clubs we had visited that night combined. We were asked to pick up a ticket which cost more than a couple of shots before we could gain access into the bar. We were reluctant at first, but we did as we were told. On entering the bar, we were welcomed by loud moaning sounds and possibly the biggest screen i have ever seen any pornographic material on.... *Yes i seldom watch porn.... Moving on, we walked in, surprised as hell to see what was going on at the centre of the room. A big silver pole with a half naked girl hanging from the top was doing a dance routine. After making our way to the bar, we got drinks and tried to figure out where the best angle would be. We eventually found a good spot on the shadows, away from all the lights. There were girls everywhere, boobs and ass in excess and unaccompanied...hehehehe. Our hosts were so nice cos the mment we got seats, they took turns to introduce themselves and recite the menu to us. A private dance cost a thousand bucks and for an additional fee, she would show u her hidden tattoos...*wink.... Being the adventurous person i am, i agreed to try out the private dance with this particular girl who had an Ass like that of the Namibian girl in BBAmplified i don't remember her name.
Without wasting anymore time, she pulled me by the hand and led me to the back room away from all the lights and people watching the strip teaser. She told me her name was Rose and she smelled almost as good as the flower. Rose picked the seat in the far corner and asked me to get comfortable. The routine started slow and she worked my thighs in a slow circular motion until she could feel my lil man poke her cheeks. At this time, my cousin Lion was having a crazy time with one of the girls in the other corner. Chuks was still at the bar trynna figure out if would have a dance or not. Rose was grinding on me so hard, at some point i was calculating to know how much money i had i my pockets. She arched her back and reached for my earlobes using her teeth to nibble on em. This action blew my mind and she reached for my hands guiding em to her not so big but full breasts as she squeezed hard on her breasts with my hands. The grinding action picked up tempo after the first ten minutes with more energy and intention. And at intervals, she would ask me if i liked what she was doing as she moaned into my ears. My dick was so hard it started to hurt as she rubbed her big butt cheeks on it. It got to a point when i asked her if we could take a little break cos i was about to spill all over my great new Levis denims. At the end of the night, Lion and i left the Unique gentlemens club humbled and possible lighter than we were when we walked in. Chuks kept asking how it was on the ride home cos all he did at the strip bar was drink and watch the dancers...hehehehe *Loser :p... hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Home Alone.

I'd like to apologize for my absence people. I've been busy with work and at the same time gathering materials for my blog.... I met this very lovely lady at the movies a few months back. I was at the theatre to see the Town and right beside me sat this girl who i made out to be beautiful cos all i had to work with was the reflection off the big screen. I couldn't help but notice her cos she was having a great time. Screaming with excitement at the screen whenever the action scenes came up. Before long, we were talking and screaming together. She told me her name is Anne. When the movie was over, we exchanged numbers eventually exchanged pins and started talking on the fone. My job doesnt gimme a lotta time to hang with friends so it took a while before we got back together. When i got the chance, my house was empty because everybody had travelled abroad for an event. I invited my newest friend Anne over for some more movies and possibly a great time...hehehehehe. She came over at about 9pm and she was ready for a good time cos not only was she dressed to kill, she was ready for an all night encouter. We started slow with drinks, a movie and a conversation. By the time we had gotten deep in the conversation, i did the noble thing which was to lean over and plant a good long kiss on her luscious lips. That action killed the conversation for a minute and then when she got her senses back, i planted another wet one on her. Before long, we were down to our bare necessities *Underwears..... This started off in the living room area and gradually proceeded to the room upstairs. Because neither of us could remember what we were talking about before the kiss, we didn't bother ourselves with it. I guided her up the stairs and into my already made room with the air conditioning set at the lowest possible temperature for effects. As soon as we were settled in the room, i slowly took off whatever clothing was left on her and laid her on my bed. I started to kiss her on the lips and made my way down her beautiful naked body. By the time i got to her belly button, she was already arching her back and pulling on my ears. I worked my way lower using only my tongue and now i could hear little pants and whimpers, broken moans and i could literally feel her toes curl into a fist. Her fingers slowly searched through my hair to get a grip as she grinded against my tongue, feeling her clit quiver and throb as i pull back to get some air, i could feel her breathing hard as i grabbed on one of her full breasts. She begins to pull on the back of my neck and lets go as she collapses in exhaustion. She tries again, this time harder as she moans deeply. I slowly pull up letting her upward pull guide me all the way up till she can taste herself on my lips. That passionate kiss before i slid into her warm now very moist pussy, she lets out a very deep sigh as grabs on my firm cheeks, taking me wholly into her. As i thrust myself into her continuously, she called out my name and pulled me deeper and commanded i do it faster. After thirty minutes of thrusting, *yes THIRTY minutes* we both jerked to a halt with sooo much satisfaction and a very deep sigh....... We both took a ten minutes break and were at it again. Two hours later, we were both lying on our backs and half asleep from exhaustion... most memorable orgasmic experience this year....... YET.