Thursday, 24 February 2011

Best Bachelorette Eve

Rabi graduated a few months after we officially started creeping around. All this while she had a boyfriend/ fiancée so we had to keep our "relations" under we managed to pull it off for the first 2 months but before long, her friends found out and she convinced em to keep it to themselves. They didnt cos every time they see me, they'd have this weird expression on their faces. The kind guys have on their faces when they see a girl thats dressed in a very skimpy outfit *Lustful expression. I ignored their glances cos they're not worth my time or me losing my darling Rabi. I'd go over there on the weekends, chill for hours sometimes we'd just makeout and i'll leave. In my head, we had a very "non-dramatic", functional relationship that worked perfectly for both of us. I got sexually contentedcos she was amazing in bed, and she got blown away everytime i came...hehehe... At the end of the semester, i had to go home for a few months on holiday. A few weeks to the end of my long and fun filled holiday, i got a text message from my darling Rabi saying she was getting married in 2 weeks. i was in so much shock i called her immediately i read the message. Thinking it was all a joke or a ploy to get me back to her bed earlier than planned, i decided i was gonna call her bluff so i told her to go ahead and marry that faceless husband of hers. To my surprise and more shockingly, she wasn't joking at all. she asked me how soon i could leave Lagos and come back before shes married and i told her 2 weeks at least leaving only 3days for us to spend before shes married off forever. I managed to get my shit together in the promised time and ran all the way half across the country in order to meet up with my tryst...*smh at myself right now on the thot of that... oh well it was worth it at the time... I got there on a saturday and the marriage rights were to begin on tuesday. I called her the moment i stepped into town also reminding her that we had less than 3 days before she would nolonger be able to mess around with me. She told me she would join me in a few hours cos she had to run some errands *wedding i got to my apartment and there was no one in the compound since school had not fully resumed. It took her 4 hours to get to my place but i couldn't be mad at her. I welcomed her with a hug and offered her a drink. She declined the offer and said to me "listen Anuel theres no time and u're wasting time with all these formalities"... At this point i realized shes not here to talk, lets get down with the get U know, we started making out but after a few minutes i had to stop her and ask what the rush was all about, and why she had to get married so soon. Again, she replied "no time Anuel" because i had so many unanswered questions, my mind kept drifting away from the one thing i liked to do the most : make MAGIC with at this time, my zipper was undone and anuel jr was flaccid. She took it the way any woman out there would take it :as an insult. My excuse was "Im tired honey" it was a long journey anyways so she got over her anger and disappointment and agreed to talk. We ended up talking all night and first thing in the morning she was off to her family house. Sunday evening came very slowly cos i was home alone watching Tv and eating junk. she couldnt come through the whole day cos she had to make her hair. It was totally understandable since she was getting married in 2 days. Monday morning her call woke me up her ever so tender voice on the other end of the line apologizing for not showing up the previous day. I told her it was ok and that i'm not upset. To make it up to me, she asked what i wanted for lunch "name anything anuel" she said. I opted for some pounded yam knowing i'll need all my energy for that night...lmao. she came through at about 3 o'clock ish... wearing a black robe.. *jalabya hope i spelt it right... oh well.. She came through my walk way carrying a cooler and the moment she shut the door behind her, the robe came off revealing the most beautiful body i had ever seen. it had the henna tattoos at various parts and it was hairless from face to feet. I immediately figured that the food would have to be afterwards. Without any further delay, i helped myself with my elastic banded shorts which i wore when i was home alone and needed to be comfortable. Before my boxers came off, she was so close to me, knees on the floor that her breath tickled my sensitive pubic region. She gently caressed anuel jr and in no time jr was no longer asleep. She slid jr ever so slowly into her mouth it made my body jerk outta control. This went on for another 10 minutes and she blew my mind away. She got up and pulled me by the hands into my room, pushed me onto the bed and told me "This is the best SEX u'll ever have Anuel" with a lotta expextation and excitement, all i could do was nod and she got out a bottle of lubricant and applied it all over anuel jr as he stood tall and proud... Afterwards, she climed up ontop of jr and rode me till i started making sounds i didnt even know i could producce. She rode me hard and long all the while telling me how don't have to move a muscle "Just enjoy it Anuel" she whispered in my ears. She pulled me up and put me against the wall as she oiled up her big round butt up with the lubricant. whilst bending over in front of me, i didn't need an invite to slip in as i hit it from the back....hmmmm... this shit is taking me back... *focus Anuel... ok.. this went on for close to an hour and by the time we were done, we were too tired to eat or even clean up after ourselves... We woke up some 4 hours later, i ate and she told me she'd miss me. That my friends, was the "Best Sex i had...................... That year".....lmao...

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