Thursday, 24 February 2011

Unlocked Pleasures

Rabi, my beautiful Hausa friend who i had a massive crush on was just about to graduate from Uni. I met her almost a year ago from a very close friend of mine , i was in my second year of uni so i didnt think i'd ever be lucky. We were "just friends" at the beginning. one day, she asked me to please buy her some ice cream which at the time was very affordable. she shared her ice cream with me that night as well a very passionate kiss which kicked off a new era in our "friendship". after a couple days, we acted like nothing had happened. Even though we tried to act normal around other friends, it was very awkward when it was just us. One evening, i decided to take the situation into my hands, i went over to her house and immediately she opened the door to let me in, i grabbed her by the waist, pulled her close, without any further hesitation, i kissed her long and hard until she started feeling on my neck and gradually descended to grabbing my hard butt cheeks. I slowly unwrapped the scarf covering her head, revealing the tank top she wore underneath. at this moment i could tell she wasn't wearing a bra revealing her rounded double Ds as i pulled em up. All this while, lips still locked, no words had been exchanged, and the door was yet to be locked. We were entirely into each other, ripping clothings off of each other, moving as fast as possible to get into the "Native" state. Before long, we're both naked on the floor *door still unlocked. I'm now nibbling on her beautifully erect nipples which caused her to moan out loud. I put my left hand over her mouth and my right had was busy kneading on her left boobs while her right nipple was comfortably in my mouth. I knew she was enjoying herself cos her body jerked every time i squeezed on her big left boob. i quickly tore open my protection and was ready to drill. At that moment she started grabbing on me impatiently waiting for what was coming. I realized she couldn't wait so i decided to tease a lil longer by stabbing and i slowly slid into her awesomely warm and slippery south hole... mmmmm... The grinding that followed lasted for another 30minutes which brought a lot of pleasure to my partner and i.. just as i was about to explode, her neighbor walks in and screams "KEI!! MAI WANAN"!!!!!! outta shock, we both scrambled to our feet, covering body parts and embarrassed to death. She almost  immediately storms outta the room and we're left alone again. Now laughing at ourselves, i realize i just came the hardest i had ever cum in my life Rabi hugs me and whispers "Anuel, u:re the best. I tried to quickly clean up and scrambled outta her

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