Monday, 4 April 2011

Meet the Popaholics

My  Uni years are by far the most fun years of my life. I spent Six years trynna get a degree from the most annoying university in the world. If u know where I graduated from, that’s the school I’m talking about. I met 6 of the most amazing guys who have become my “bestest” friends in the world even closer to me than some of my family members. In this collection of guys there was a lot of diversity and ethnicity we had the Yoruba boys, igbo, warri, Kaduna and our very own Hong boy…lol…. Anybody that knows anything about anything knows that when u put this many people from different backgrounds together in one environment for as long as we stayed, we were gonna influence each others lives differently. Getting back to why we’re here, we all liked different types of gurls and we liked em at different levels… Contrary to public belief I’m the least active in scoring conquests. I’ve got 2 friends who are so good at keeping themselves under the radar that one of em was labeled “coded tunes” he was so smooth that sometimes we didn’t find out about his conquests till months later. The other one is the definition of “Badt gang” all by himself. Lemme name them so we can continue without any confusion.  Babangida also known as “Hong Boy” is the eldest among all 6 of us but it didn’t matter cos we were all on the same level as friends are concerned. Teju is the darkest and used to be the shortest…lol hes all grown up now tho so I can’t use that one Luke my main man is the familys defender cos all those muscles he packed on were used to protect us all over the years.. This boy like fight like say dem dey pay person to do Chichi is the baddest among all six sha AKA “coded tunes” this guy no dey talk but the girls dey confess say e get flows. I’ve always wondered when, where and what time he even talks to them cos we spend the most time together drinking or just chilling. Hmmmmm the next person I’m about to introduce to y’all is by far the smoothest playa I know alive he’s name is Ajibola. Not forgetting urs truly the 6th and definitely not the last member of the familyAnuel. The reason why I’ve introduced y’all to these wonderful men is that in consequent blogs, I shall be making reference to one or more of them. Luke might be seen as the most uninteresting in the context of these blogs because he’s the calmest among all six since he has been dating the same girl for the past 6 years *faithfully. ***** To be Continued....

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