Sunday, 10 April 2011

Experience Calabar

I've never  been to cross rivers state, but i can tell u for a fact that girls from that state have a reputation that preceeds them especially Calabar girls. Every naija boy reading this has to agree with me. Well my story is about MY own experience. I met this very beautiful girl in my second year of Uni....yes all my stories are from my university days.. talk ur Anyways, she was one of the big girls on campus. That was a big  turn-on for me. I like sophisticated girls. I met her under weird circumstances. It was my friend Babangidas birthday and being kids that we were back then,we celebrated it the best way we could: by pouring drinks on the celebrant, beating him up, even pouring disgusting looking stuff like yoghurton him... yh we were kids. don't While all this was going on, she waswatching in disgust. At a point, she decided it was too much for her to take and she spoke up "Don't u guys think u can use all that money u're wasting to helpsomebody in need"? she protested. Me being the arrogant egomaniac i was replied "Honey if u need anything, just ask the lady in charge to put iton my bill". Upset by my reply, she stormed out of the school plaza where all our shinanigans took place. That was our first official encounter. She probably doesn't even remember that incident. I met her again a few weeks later and asked her what her name is, Mfon she replied reluctantly. I introduced myself and was met with "I know who U areAnuel". Feeling good about that, i proceeded without any delay to make my proposal. She seemed uninterested at the time but told me she would be my friend instead. I agreed knowing i could always break her eventually. After a few dates, visiting her when we were away from school, calling, and even texting she decided she didn't like me enuf to go out with me. Not letting her decision get to me i persisted. Three years later, we're at an awards ceremony in school and i walked over to her, kissed her on the cheek and asked her friends  to move so i could sit next to her. "Anuel U know u're a very confident guy right"? she said U're t"he only person that can do this kind of thing and get away with  it"i finally got her friends to move and i took the seat right next to her. We talked about everything, howlong it had been since we last saw each other, how she was nominated for an award, how she just broke up with her boyfriend and a whole lot. Alli wanted at that moment, was to grab her by the neck and kiss her; i didn't i just sat there and watched her talk. I let herknow that my offer was still on the table whenever she was ready. Somehow, this line broke her down cos shestarted asking me why i liked her so much i was waiting this long, why why why... alli told her was; because i like u too much. Mfon seemed like she knew what she was doing sexually. Shes hot, beautiful and most importantly,a Calabar girl.I could already imagine all the nasty things she'd do to me. At the end of the night,Mfon won the award in the category of biggest girl. I figured we had to celebrate so i offered victory sex. She immediately turned me down even yelling atme for considering it. I didn't apologize, i justtold her to consider it and gimme a call before ileft for my apartment. Thirty minutes or so later, my fone rang and she was on the other end. "Ok Anuel i've considered uroffer, and idon't wanna be alone tonight" atthe sound of this, i put my pants  on and headed over to her apartment. In less than twenty minuutes, i was there a six pack in hand and ready for a fun night. I knocked, she opened. Walked in thinking she'd be naked and ready, but she had her pjs on. We kissed and she she walked me into her room. When i figured she was gonna start talking again, i  started to take off my clothes and by the time she saw what i was working with, the words ceased and we were making out again. In no time, we were both naked. She was unusually timid for a calabar  girl but i thot she'd pick up pace as we went along. She moaned so loud and almost cried when i slid into her.Again,i made up an excuse; maybe its been too long since she had some. I grabbed on her full breasts which at this time seemed to be reacting to the slightest touch.She jerked at every tug i gave her nipples and bythe time i turned her over, she had tears in her eyes. In a confused state, i didn'tknow  if i should stop or continue. She  sat there still shaking and silently crying as i watched in amazement thinking to myself; is this how all calabar girls are? Choi.. what did i get myself into? Eventually, she stopped, wiped her eyes and apologized for her actions. At this time i was so weirded out i didnt know how to react. Bottomline, my first calabar experience has been my worst yet. I'm hoping she'll reestablish that confidence the next time we meet. Which should be as soon as she reads this blog...hehehehe


  1. lolllls serves u right......oga experiencer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lmao.. nor be like dat naw.

  3. hmmmmmmm i wonder hw Calabar boys will be lik..... to try one or not?