Saturday, 9 April 2011

Spicy Sallah Meat

Sallah break was a big deal for us back in the university cos it was the weekend we all got to converge at Ajibolas house. There was always food, drinks, and girls in large numbers….. Ajibola and I are pretty close. Close enough for me to spend short breaks at his family house. One of those short holidays is this epic Sallah break I spent over at his house. Before I go any further, lemme introduce y’all to Belema. Shes a big “Port Harcourt Girl” at least that’s what Ajibola told me before I met her. He said her father is a wealthy southerner… *whatever, we’re not here to talk about her father tho. We’re here to talk about her insatiable appetite for sex. Ajibola told me he met her in School I guess they took the same classes or something. Long story short, they met each other, she was blunt enuf to walk up to him and tell him she wanted to “Fuck his brains out” As a badt sharp guy that my friend was *Still is*, he took her on her offer and they got acquainted. This agreement lasted for quite a while…. At some point I was too curious I didn’t believe there was such a girl that could plainly walk up to a guy, demand sex and not want anything MORE. She was a great mystery to me. So one day I was at Ajibolas School and I pleaded with him to introduce me to the “Mystery Chick” he agreed and took me over to her place. Right from the entrance of her house, I had confirmed a few things… I dunno any other person *A student* who used a MIKANO generator while in school. * In Nigeria, it’s kind of a big deal. Well she had one, which she used to power her electronics…  Ac, flat screen tv, and all those things that blew my mind that day.  At this point, I figured the rest of the story had to be true. I mean Ajibola told me she’s a big girl; I’ve confirmed that I had to find out for myself if the rest was true. I got in and was introduced to this girl that I could instantly tell was older than me. She had this playful thing about her. She looked like a regular girl if she was taken away from her apartment; there was nothing peculiar about her. After the introduction, we parted ways. The next time I met her, it was Ajibolas family residence. Apparently, his younger sister Bunmi is best friends with Belema so she spent a lot of her holidays there as well. At this time, we had become better friends. Close enough for her to suggest that we “fuck”… I wasn’t surprised when she made the suggestion because Ajibola had told me everything about her. I diplomatically declined at the time cos it seemed inappropriate to be screwing my friends “….” Frankly, I dunno what to name their relationship. Anyways, I told Ajibola about our little discussion and his reply was “So wetin U dey wait for”? In order not to seem desperate, I totally ignored the whole incident, and went on with my life. We exchanged numbers that weekend and were texting each other back and forth for weeks. She was explicit about what she wanted from me. I had never met any girl like this in the past so I was a bit confused as to what my reaction should be. I didn’t chase her away and I didn’t encourage her either. I just played dumb for as long as I could. The Sallah period was like our “Thanksgiving” cos we spent it together as a family at Ajibolas house. *He’s the only Muslim among us*. Because of this reason, we all looked forward to the break and the Meat we all got to eat…lol. Not remembering that Belema is as much a member of Ajibolas family as I am, I wasn’t expecting her to be there at the celebrations. To my greatest surprise, I got there with my back pack, ready for a long and fun-filled weekend with my boys, which normally involved lots of Beef, Booze and when we’re lucky, Boobs…hehehehe * Immediately she saw me, she ran to me and hugged me tight. Ajibola passed and whispered “Don’t dull this time oh” This statement immediately got me doing some serious mathematics… choi. Which hotel around here can I take her to now, how much will it cost me, how much money do I even have….. All this was running through my head and I got worried. Ajibola solved that problem when he opened a bottle of Red label. By the time Teju, Chichi, Babangida and Luke got to the house Ajibola and I had knocked out like half the bottle of Red label. We were all together again. It was always a magical feeling.**To be Continued... 

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