Monday, 4 April 2011

Last Flight to Lagos

After 4 hours of waiting at at the airport for a 2 o'clock flight, we finally boarded at 6 and at this time,  i was exhausted from all the productive time wasted at the waiting lounge looking for an outlet to plug in my blackberry and doing  absolutely nothing. Finally i'm heading home after a long week of touring the country on a campaign to get young Nigerians out in mass to vote in the upcoming elections.This campaign involved musical performances by my boss and other naija big names and was held in three states Lagos, Makurdi and Port Harcourt where the Finale was held. Travelling around these states and prepping for the shows had taken a toll on me. All i wanted to do at this time was get on my bed and sleep. Immediately i boarded, i took the first available isle seat "after the curtain" yes i fly economy *bite As soon as i took my seat, this girl that looked like she was 6'8" walked in and took the seat right across from me. She had this sophisticated look about her; her hair i'm guessing is "Brazilian" cos it looked really long and wavy. her elbow was holding up an LV bag from which i could see an iPad sticking out. I took a good long look at her and damn she was  fine. She had a pointed nose, beautiful face and the build of a run-way model who was at her peak. This girl still nameless at the time became a project. Suddenly, i wasn't tired anymore and i couldn't remember what i was thinking about before she boarded the plane. Now, all i could think about was her. She brought out her iPad and was having so much fun by herself almost as if she knew she was too awesome to care about anything else in the world. She had the smile that made me wonder every time if her reading lights were on cos it lit up the isle.She lifted her head, looked in my direction and smiled almost like she just read my mind and is accepting my compliment. I tried so hard not to stare or to be caught The first didn't work so tried not to get caught. She had this tiny mole on the right side of her face which looked like a beauty mark her skin was flawless cos when the lights hit her skin it was almost like she glowed. For the first thirty minutes of the flight to Lagos, it was just *nameless hot girl and I on the flight cos i was so engrossed in her i couldn't see anybody else. Gosh shes so beautiful i kept thinking to myself.. When the air hostess whispered to her, she put her iPad away, and decided to take a nap and she looked even more beautiful with her eyes closed.  She looked so happy as she sat there with a smile on her face. There i sat tired as hell and watching this beautiful girl sleep. I didn't care cos i derived a lot of pleasure from just looking at her. At this moment, i told myself i wouldn't leave this aircraft without at least getting her name.I didn't remember anything else from the flight but as soon as the pilot announced our arrival at Murtala Mohammed airport, i got outta my seat belt, outta my seat and introduced myself. "Hi i'm Anuel, whats urs"? Hitting me point-blank, close-range with her beautiful smile my heart melted as she said softly "I'm Lauren". "U're freakishly Tall Lauren" were the only words i could mumble as i stared in awe. Lauren turned around to get her luggage from the over head locker so i got a full length view of her back which was as beautiful as the front. This girl is a complete package i said to myself. Before i got outta the plane, she was already on the shuttle bus which was gonna take us to arrivals. I kept praying as the bus pulled away from me that she had luggage she was waiting for or else, i might never see her again. The second bus pulled up immediately hers pulled away and i jumped on it without hesitation. We got to arrivals and all i wanted to see was her beautiful face waiting for her luggage. As i frantically searched around arrivals like a mother looking her her strayed child, our eyes met and she flashed me once again with her beautiful broad smile revealing her whitened teeth and awesome one sided dimple. My heart skipped a beat and i let out a very deep sigh. I summoned all the courage i had left in me and walked up to her looking up to her now, i asked "errrmmm Lauren, can i call U some time"? She looked down at me from her towering height and replied "I dunno, I'm always very busy" not ready to take NO for an answer, i pressured "U gotta be free, even if its for just one day. I have to see U again" i persuaded. She reluctantly reached out for my cell fone and i hurriedly gave it to her and watched her as she typed in her numbers on my fone. When she was done, she returned the fone and smiled again. For the first time throughout "our trip", i got to see her eyes. Damn!!!! Her eyes were like a brown ocean i was ready to drown in. They were so relaxed all i wanted to do was look in them all evening. Her brown eyes were hypnotizing cos she had to snap me outta my trance before i looked away. I Spent the next ten minutes in "lala land" cos her beauty had sent me into a state of limbo that i didn't even notice her leave. When i realized she was gone, i panicked cos i had not confirmed if the fone number she left was legit so quickly dialed the numbers she had punched into my cell and her calm voice was at the other end of the line. Letting out another deep sigh, i introduced myself and asked her to please save mine..... I called her that night before bed just to let her know she's all i could think of. Two days later and i just got outta the movies. I took her to go see "Love and Other Drugs" I'm still very crazy about her. I Hope things work out....hehehe **** To be Continued....

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