Monday, 11 April 2011

Spicy Sallah Meat 2

*** We didn’t have any worries when we were together, and when there was unlimited alcohol, we were at our We all had a good time. Bunmi, Ajibolas younger sister had invited her female friends, Ajibola didn’t need to invite anybody. All roads led to his house on this special day. Before long, his house was filled up with youn
g people drinking, eating and flirting all over the place. His parents were the coolest cos they never interrupted our fun, they let us be ourselves and they stayed out of our way. Just before the day was over, after a lot of alcohol had been consumed, Belema of course had a lot to drink… *along with every other person who could work a glass of alcohol at Ajibolas residence. She suddenly remembered that she had “unfinished business” with me and came over to remind me about her offer to “fuck me.” Now, I had no inhibitions at all. All I wanted to do, was make happier than she already was. I consulted Ajibola “our Host” and asked his opinion on the situation and *as always, he had a phrase of wisdom for me* “take care of your business” he replied. Bunmis room was across the hall from Ajibolas room where we were all gathered and that seemed like my best option. Did I mention that Bunmis room is right in front of her parents’ room? Meaning that they were right outside her room. A few feet away from my soon-to-be “playground”. At that time, all that didn’t matter to either of us. I pulled her away and we slipped into Bunmis room as the others went on with their celebrations, I pulled out my drilling gear, put a safety cap on and was ready for work. At this time, I could hear Bunmis mom walk t past her room taking orders for her guests, but I couldn’t be discouraged. I quickly asked Belema to take off her pants *only her pants* we didn’t have any time. Plus we had to be precise…lol. She did as she was told. The fact that there were so many people outside the room gave me a rush that every touch felt ten times better. I guess she felt the same cos she couldn’t control her moaning. I had to put my hand over her mouth as I plunged in from behind. She bit me a couple times but I couldn’t take my hand off. I’d rather nurse my wounds later than get caught in the act I thought to myself. As we made MAGIC passionately and quickly, I heard someone call out Belemas name, she was grabbing on my butt gesturing for me to go deeper and at the same time screaming into my hand which was still over her mouth preventing her from screaming out loud, this position prevented me from pulling out. The call for Belema, and the position I was in, acted as a catalyst, making me cum so hard it burnt with pleasure. Belema was no longer screaming into my hand so I took it off. Slowly, she let go of her grip on me and collapsed on the bed in front of her face first, letting out a deep sigh of satisfaction. I quickly pulled my denims up, took off my safety cap and dashed straight for the bathroom to clean myself up. The moment I stepped outta the room, Bunmis dad walked by asking me if I had seen Bunmi. Standing ther in shock and feeling very guilty, I let out very very DEEP SIGH, answered NO and made my way into the bathroom. *What a close one I thought to myself. That experience till date is the most dangerous Sex I’ve ever had.

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